When will I be billed?

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The payment for your first block is processed immediately upon sign up, with recurring payments made every other month, on the schedule below:


1st Attempt

2nd Attempt

3rd Attempt

Doctor Who Block

1st of the month

5th of the month

9th of the month

Recurring payments will happen the same month as shipment.  For example: the July 1st billing date will be for the July block and the September 1st billing date will be for the September block.  Recurring payments occur every other month! 

If the 1st payment attempt fails, the system will try two more times. Payment attempts will be made for the next block in accordance with the above schedule.

If for any reason three (3) payment attempts are not made, an additional charge will be made on the 10th of the month.

You will be informed by email if your payment attempt fails. 

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