What Is Grab Block & Blowout Blocks?

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Grab blocks & Blowout Bbocks are available for one time purchase & are not a monthly renewing subscription.

Our Grab blocks & Blowout blocks allow you to try out other themes that we offer. New subscribers or existing subscribers purchasing a new subscription can grab a themed Grab block or Blowout block for half the price of our regular adult themed blocks. That means you can get 4-6 collectibles and a pop-culture t-shirt from our previous themed blocks for just $9.99USD plus shipping.

Jr Girl's and Boy's blocks do not include a t-shirt. However, there will be an added item in place of the t-shirt! 

Please keep in mind that once the purchase for these blocks is approved the shipping label is generated and we are unable to make any changes to your purchase.

** Limit 3 per order & duplicate items may be received.


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