How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

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We don’t like saying goodbyes. We sincerely hope it's more of a "see you later," than a final "goodbye."  

Simply log into your account and scroll down to My Subscriptions, once there please checkoff subscription you were want to cancel. Go to the bottom of page where it asks you "Want to suspend or cancel your block?" Click "View Options" and choose "Cancel your block."  Your subscription will be cancelled based on the following cancellation deadlines. 


Cancel Deadline


Midnight (24:00 ET) last day of the month

Gamer E & M/Horror/Comic

Midnight (24:00 ET) on the 9th

For example, if you wish to cancel a November Classic block, you must submit your cancellation request by midnight (Eastern Time) on the last day of the month.

For a November Horror block, you must submit your request by midnight on November 9.

For a November Sci-Fi block, you must submit your request by midnight on November 30.

Please note that once a payment has processed, all sales are final. Any cancellation request submitted after a payment has processed will take into effect for the following month.

Once you cancel, you will receive email confirmation of your cancellation. Please hold onto this email for your records.

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